Quismois’? Watch Camila Cabello’s humorous response to the viral video of her pronouncing “Christmas”

After a video of her unusual way of pronouncing the holiday went viral, the “Havana” singer made fun of herself.

Camila Cabello has no problem making fun of herself.

Due to the “The Voice” coach’s unique pronunciation of “Christmas,” a video of her recently went popular on social media.

It all began on November 18 when a Twitter user shared a video of Cabello singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” in the White House in 2021. As she enters the Grand Foyer, the 25-year-old musician can be seen starting the chorus.
I’ll be home for quismoiss, the social media user joked while highlighting Cabello’s distinctive voice intonation in the message.

Many Twitter users participated in the prank and attempted to interpret what Cabello had said.

One said she was making reference to the sandwich shop Quiznos.

Why is she singing in cursive, someone another questioned.

Lewis Capaldi, the vocalist of “Someone You Loved,” responded to the meme as well. He posted a TikTok video of himself attempting to replicate Cabello’s voice from “quismois.”
“My brain every two seconds after hearing the (Camila) Cabello ‘quismois’ tik tok sound,” he captioned the video.

Cabello decided she did not want to be left out after viewing the posts.

The “Havana” singer uploaded a video of her attempting to teach herself how to speak “Christmas” but failing on Monday, Nov. 21.

The video starts off with Cabello performing the phrase perfectly and requesting a another version of herself to do the same.

Then Cabello 2.0 boldly and humorously sings “I’ll be home for Christmas” several times. She also has trouble saying “merry Christmas” correctly.

The first Cabello eventually gives up and declares, “It’s going to be fantastic,” while the other agrees and smiles.
Fans of the artist praised the singer in the comments for her response to the trending video.

“Camila has an unequalled sense of humour. I adore a nonchalant queen who can make fun of herself and is a total sport. Happy holidays, everyone! a person stated.

Another tweeted, “Making the best of people coming at you for the dumbest stuff always. This is hilarious.

Perhaps the nicest answer came from a supporter who said, “From now on, I will only celebrate Quismois’ spirit!”

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