Dior’s Hollywood Salute

A book and retrospective are released by the French design studio to commemorate its collaboration with the motion picture industry.

Apart from being celebrated actresses and fashion icons, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Natalie Portman, and Marion Cotillard all have something in common. Additionally, they have supported Christian Dior. This May, the French fashion brand will publish the book Stars in Dior to commemorate this affiliation.
The 250-page book examines ladies who have sported the brand’s clothing throughout cinematic history. The book includes old photos of Marilyn Monroe as well as photos of her contemporaries, with a special nod to the Charlize Theron-starring J’adore commercial.

The French Christian Dior Museum will debut a retrospective with the same name. With a special section for Marlene Dietrich, who famously stipulated in her contract that she would only wear Dior for Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright, the exhibit will be on display from May 12 through September 23.

Stars in Dior will be published in the US in September 2012 after launching in France in May 2012.

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