Dakota Johnson Discusses the ‘Psychotic’ Nature of the Jamie Dornan and Fifty Shades of Grey Feud Rumors

Dakota Johnson is prepared to be open and honest about how difficult it was to produce the Fifty Shades of Grey films behind the scenes, seven years after the first instalment was released. Johnson opened up about the creative disagreements on set in an interview with Vanity Fair, noting that while she doesn’t regret making the movies, “I don’t believe anyone would’ve done it” if they had understood how “crazy” the process would be. Additionally, she dispelled media speculations that her co-star Jamie Dornan and her had a grudge or a covert quarrel.

She affirmed that she and Dornan had always gotten along. “I know it’s strange, but to me, he’s like a brother. I adore him beyond measure. And we actually supported one another. We had to rely entirely on one another’s protection.

Johnson claimed she agreed to be a part of Fifty Shades of Grey even though it was intended to be a totally different movie. I’m a sexual person, and I like to know a lot of information about things when I’m interested in them, she said. “I made those large nude videos for that reason. I agreed to work on a completely different version of the movie we ultimately produced. Johnson affirmed that there were problems brought on by the studio, the filmmakers, and the book’s author E.L. James, also known as Erika.

Johnson remarked, “She [James] had a lot of creative control, all day, all the time, and she simply insisted that certain things happen.” There were portions of the books that just wouldn’t translate well to the big screen, such as the inner monologue, which at times was terribly corny. Speaking it out loud wouldn’t work. It was a constant struggle. Always. I remember thinking, “Oh, this is going to be very great,” when I read a monologue from Persona during my audition for that film (a 1966 Ingmar Bergman masterpiece).

But Johnson told Vanity Fair that she ditched the script because James was so furious when Charlie Hunnam, who had been originally cast as Christian Grey, pulled out of the picture.

“I was a child. I was 23. Therefore, she stated of her three-film deal, “It was worrisome. It simply took a weird turn. There were several diverse conflicts. Since you want to market a movie the correct way, I’ve never been able to discuss this honestly. Ultimately, I’m happy with what we produced, and everything worked out as it should have, but it was challenging. In truth, Johnson attempted to save portions of the original script together with Dornan and the previous movie’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The takes for the movie Erika wanted to make would be followed by the takes for the movie we wanted to make, according to Johnson. “The previous evening, I would revise situations using the previous conversation in order to add a few lines here and there. All the time, everything seemed chaotic. When Anastasia and Christian laid out her sexual contract, according to Johnson, it was the only original sequence that made it into the movie. And it’s the film’s greatest sequence, to boot.

Johnson stated to Vanity Fair that she had no regrets about producing the movie. “I don’t believe there is any cause for remorse. If I had known…,” she began, but then stopped. “I don’t believe anyone would have done it if I had realised at the time that’s how it was going to be. Oh, this is crazy, would have been the reaction. I don’t regret it, but,

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