Sydney Sweeney believes it’s horrible when people tag her family in naked Euphoria photos.

According to Sydney Sweeney, her trolls are acting in an especially “disgusting” manner.

The Euphoria actress said that her family members are frequently mentioned in naked photos of her character, Cassie, in her most recent interview with British GQ. They don’t need that, my cousins. It’s just awful and unfair,” she continued, recalling Cassie’s treatment in season one after classmates distributed an explicit video of her. You have a character that experiences the scrutiny of being sexualized at school, and then the viewer experiences it as well.

Sweeney is frustrated, but she refuses to “hide herself away” from internet haters and trolls. “I find that to be absurd. I play roles because I’m an artist, she stated. It encourages me to play roles that enrage audiences even more.

However, Sydney Sweeney appears to be upsetting people more frequently than she anticipated. She spoke about her mother’s contentious birthday celebration, which drew criticism after pictures of attendees sporting “Make Sixty Great Again” caps and a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt went online. Sweeney responded at the moment, saying in a tweet, “You guys this is insane. It wasn’t intended for my [mom’s] milestone 60th birthday celebration to become a ridiculous political statement, but it has. Please refrain from assuming anything. Love to everybody and happy birthday to mom!
Sincerely, I don’t think anything I say will further the discussion. Nothing I can say will stop it from spreading out of control, she said, adding that she has heard comments like “She has to receive media training.” Do you want to see a robot, and why? There isn’t any victory, in my opinion.

Not even her relatives, the majority of whom live in the pro-Trump county in Washington where Sydney Sweeney was raised. The actress claims that Sweeney’s father, who is separated from her mother and resides on a ranch outside of the US, hasn’t even seen much of her work. My family doesn’t understand me or the environment I’m in anymore when I go home, she claimed. However, the way people live there is so very different from my home and the location that grounds me in this sector. I’m in a position where I feel like neither side fully comprehends me.

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