Emma Myers provides preparation tips for the “Wednesday” premiere.

Wednesday, Netflix’s spin on the Addams Family series, has only been available for a week of watching, but it has already been popular. It’s a novel interpretation of the famous story of the eerie and terrifying Addams family, namely Wednesday, the older sister who is cruel and sarcastic. In the role of Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s best friend at Nevermore Academy who also happens to be a werewolf, actor Emma Myers co-stars with Jenna Ortega.

Emma chose to forego the full moon werewolf transformation for the Netflix series premiere in favour of something far more opulent and traditional. She walked the red carpet in a breathtaking off-the-shoulder Bazza Alzouman burgundy corset gown with a long skirt. It comes out that Emma is nothing like the figure she plays on television. “I’m actually not at all like Enid. She is extroverted. I’m a quiet person “She spoke with Teen Vogue before the film’s premiere. She has a lot of energy, whereas I have little. The only thing we might share, in my opinion, is our shared optimism. The fun aspect of portraying her, though, is that. I get to adopt a completely new identity.

Emma revealed that The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, two Addams Family movies from the 1990s, influenced the way she saw the family and their wider world. When she went to the audition for Enid, she discovered that The Addams Family was initially a comedy. My familiarity with The Addams Family came from the 1990s movies, but I had seen excerpts from the original TV show.

When choosing a look for the premiere, Emma collaborated with hairstylist Bobby Eliot, makeup artist Dana Delaney, and stylist Amanda Lim. In order to organise her favourite glam inspiration, Emma created a Pinterest board. “Looks with the vibe I kind of intended to project. After that, Amanda handled the bulk of the job after I sent it to her.”
Emma valued maintaining her individual look at the high-profile event, according to stylist Amanda. She revealed that she was fascinated to the gothic romance that famous designers like Alexander McQueen and Zuhair Murad had made so memorable during our initial meetings. “I got in touch with Bazza Alzouman and her PR team after looking into fashion houses that would be happy to clothe her for such a thrilling and important occasion. It was clear right away that Emma’s aesthetic was at the core of her description of her dream premiere appearance.” Emma adored the outfit and was at ease in it, which was important when appearing on the red carpet for many photos.
Both contemporary and distinctive was the hairstyle. We wanted the hair to look natural and undone, according to Bobby. “Emma has the coolest bob, and we wanted to accentuate that without doing something fussy or done,” said the stylist. The actress completed her flawless look by accessorising with a magnificent Nicole Rose Jewelry choker necklace, a pair of platform heels with rhinestones by Giuseppe Zanotti that perfectly complemented her dress, a glittering black Emm Kuo purse, and a few rings. Together with her cast members, who Emma considers to be her favourite aspect of the Wednesday experience, it was time to shine. “Never before have I had a cast like this. I genuinely adore everyone in this cast “Emma divulged. It “[is] without a doubt the project’s high point.”

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