In “Taurus,” by Machine Gun Kelly, art imitates life.

Colson Baker, best known for his rock star alter ego Machine Gun Kelly and his publicised romance with Megan Fox, plays the role of “Taurus” in a new movie that, according to Baker, is based on his real life.

In the film, which opens in theatres and is available on demand on Friday, Baker plays Cole Taurus, a damaged rocker who spends his days and nights trying to find the motivation to write one more song. Maddie Hasson, who plays his sister-like assistant, Scoot McNairy, Lil Meech, and Lil TJay, who portray his collaborators, want to keep him in the studio, and Ruby Rose, who plays his dealer, who plays his ex-girlfriend and is actually Fox’s real-life fiancée, who pushes him farther into the abyss.

The titular figure, according to Baker, depicts “the person on the inside” who only emerges in his own private life. According to Baker, Machine Gun Kelly’s public persona is a “extroverted shell,” whereas “Taurus” uses “pictures to the words” to convey the real Kelly.

Tim Sutton and Baker co-wrote and co-directed the film, which had its international premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February.

The success of “Taurus” as a study of the dark side of fame, which includes addiction, the creative process, and the perils of the music business, depends largely on Baker and the amount of effort he was willing to put into the performance.

Fans of the singer are going to “freak out” when they see the movie, according to Sutton, who claimed that he knew Baker was “the genuine deal” when he first met him.

“They cannot anticipate what they will witness, his performance, how far he goes, “said Sutton. “The movie’s pace and structure are probably not typical of movies,” says the author.

In Sutton’s Western “The Last Son,” in which Baker portrayed a bank robber, the two previously collaborated. His previous acting roles include those in “Bird Box” and “Good Mourning,” which he also acted in with his fiancée Megan Fox.

Baker admitted that he doesn’t like to hear or see himself on TV, but this performance was different despite Machine Gun Kelly’s confidence and arrogance.

I’m not sure if it was the long hair or something else, but I was able to watch it without wincing at my own image, he added. “Inside, I like that person.”

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