Following accusations of sexual assault made by The Maras’ Mara Zardoya, The Neighborhood drummer Brandon Fried was fired.

The Neighbourhood issued a statement after Brandon Fried was fired from the group stating, “We have zero tolerance for any form of abusive behaviour toward women.”


Brandon Fried, the drummer for the American rock band The Neighborhood, has been dismissed after Mara Zardoya, the lead vocalist for The Maras, accused him of sexual assault. This surprising development shocked Hollywood today, on November 14. Mara had accused Brandon of grabbing her in a club earlier. The Neighbourhood then made an announcement on social media saying Fried was no longer a member of the group.

Brandon Fried is accused of sexual assault by Mara Zardoya.
Mara Zardoya described how Brandon Fried reportedly touched her inappropriately when they were at a pub on Instagram Stories, labelling him a “total weirdo.” Her Instagram story says: “The local drummer, brandon fried @brandonfried_, touched me beneath the table while I was in a bar last night. It was among the most unpleasant things I’ve ever gone through. I sensed a breach of my personal space and bodily integrity. Ya’ll need a new drummer; this guy is an absolute creep, @thenbhd.”

The following are excerpts from Mara Zardoya’s Instagram Stories in which she accuses Brandon Fried of sexual assault:

Release of Statement by Brandon Fried Following Sexual Assault Allegations
In a lengthy statement posted on Instagram Stories, Brandon Fried expressed regret to Mara Zardoya, The Neighbourhood, and the band’s supporters. His claim is as follows: “I sincerely apologise to Mara. My behaviour was terrible and beyond excuse. They definitely reflect who I become while under the influence rather than who I am as a person. It is clear that I need to confront my issues with alcoholism and substance misuse, so I’m currently looking for support. I want to express my regrets to any woman who have experienced any behaviour that has made them feel uneasy or violated. I also regret disappointing The Neighbourhood and our supporters.”

Here is Brandon Fried’s response to Mara Zardoya’s accusation of sexual assault:

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The Neighbourhood is an American rock group that was founded in 2011. For those who are unfamiliar Jesse Rutherford on vocals, Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels on guitars, and Mikey Margot on bass make up the band. From 2011 until 2014, The Neighbourhood’s drummer was Bryan “Olivver” Sammis; however, from 2014 to the present, Brandon Fried has filled that position. Sweater Weather is one of their biggest hits.

The Neighbourhood’s Brandon Fried isn’t the only member embroiled in a recent dispute; Jesse Rutherford, 31, and Billie Eilish, 20, have also been the subject of heated debate. The couple has been seeing each other since October 2022, and they have been seen getting close on multiple date evenings. Billie made her relationship with Jesse Instagram-official on Halloween, and the two even made light of their significant age differences by dressing as a baby and an old man, respectively. On social media, they received a lot of criticism for the same. Eilish and Rutherford even made their intimate red carpet debut as a couple on November 5 at the LACMA’s 11th Annual Art+Film Gala, dressed head to toe in Gucci.

Notably, Billie Eilish dated actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, 31, for a year before breaking things up due to adultery charges, before she began seeing Jesse Rutherford. Matthew had posted on Instagram Story to refute the claims that he had been unfaithful to the Grammy- and Oscar-winning musician: “Nobody committed adultery. Relationships break apart. Just like that. On the internet, spreading false information and lying are risky.”

The Maras, on the other hand, is a 2016-founded American indie pop band. Josh Conway is the drummer, while Mara Zardoya is the lead vocalist for the group. Jesse Perlman on guitar, Doron Zounes on bass, Edward James on piano, and Gabe Steiner on trumpet all perform with the group. It’s interesting to note that up until his departure in 2019, Carter Lee played bass for The Maras.

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