“Venti Girls” by BIG VENTI is Released: What Do You Get When You Size Up?

The title track from BIG VENTI’s album Party Hills, which debuted on Virgin Radio, is sure to keep fans’ feet tapping. The 10-track album “Party Hills” is made up entirely of absolute bangers, and Venti’s signature flow is clearly audible throughout. This album is certain to keep you dancing all night long, from the first song to the last. And Venti delivers with his most recent release, “Venti Girls,” if you’re searching for a little more edge. Check out “Venti Girls” by BIG VENTI from his album Party Hills if you’re planning a party or just want to turn up the heat.

The sensuous and steamy song VENTI GIRLS by BIG VENTI (with. Chaunté Wayans) establishes the mood with the rapper’s descriptive words before Chaunté Wayan delivers a fiery verse. Her confident and attitude-filled bars effortlessly hold our attention. You’ll be singing along to BIG VENTI’s chorus in no time, and the production is incredibly infectious. You should absolutely add this song to your playlist!

“One of my favourite pastimes is making music. I adore collaborating because it opens up countless opportunities. A few of the features were recorded in-studio with me, while others were recorded elsewhere. I looked carefully for musicians whose tone and aesthetic best complemented each song. Being able to collaborate with so many amazing artists has been a blessing for me because music is a really collaborative art form.

It’s difficult to know where to start listening to BIG VENTI’s “Party Hills” because there is so much to hear. The album features a real buffet of musical styles, ranging from rap to pop with many diversions in between. It’s an ambitious endeavour that generally succeeds because to VENTI’s talented songs and captivating performance.

skills in production and voice. Party Hills is a must-listen for anyone seeking a new sound because it has something for everyone.

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