When Jensen Ackles made his appearance as Dean on The Winchesters, he noticed a rainbow.

The Winchesters — “Pilot” — Image Number: WHS101c_0165r.jpg — Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester — Photo: Matt Miller/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Watch EW’s Forthcoming York Comic Con interview with the new Supernatural prequel series’ cast and creator.

The Supernatural franchise is being actively continued by Jensen Ackles. He serves as an executive producer for The Winchesters and reprises his role as Dean Winchester both on-screen and as the series’ narrator overall. Along with the rest of the Winchesters ensemble, Ackles visited EW’s video studio this weekend at New York Comic Con and spoke about what Dean means to him.

When [Supernatural] ended, a few items from the wardrobe department vanished, and Ackles sneakily remarks, “I didn’t know why.” But they managed to come up when I had to appear again on camera, for some reason.

This persona is entrenched in me and will be with me forever, so getting to slip back into that character is always exciting, says Ackles.
Robbie Thompson, the showrunner of The Winchesters, said that Ackles’ return to the character appeared to thrill even nature.

Everybody on the crew was very quietly pulling out their phones and taking pictures because it was Dean! It was crazy. “On the day, it was going to rain. Jensen drives up, and honestly to goodness, a rainbow comes out. I have a picture of the rainbow hitting him on his head. It was like, come on, really? But it was amazing.”

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