Princess Charlene of Monaco and Her Daughter Coordinated in Blue Coats for the Annual Christmas Party

This holiday season, we’re starting to notice a trend of mothers and daughters who match. Just a few days ago, Kate Middleton and her 7-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, attended the Together at Christmas concert wearing coordinated clothes. While the Princess of Wales wore a maroon coat dress by Eponine, her daughter wore her own burgundy outerwear. The same trick is currently being performed by Princess Charlene of Monaco and Princess Gabriella, 8, her daughter.

This past Wednesday, December 14, the Prince’s Palace played home to Princess Charlene and her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco, for their annual children’s Christmas celebration. And it was there that we observed the princess consort’s daughter and how well-coordinated their coats were.
A deep blue woollen cape that Princess Charlene wore over a black mock neck sweater and black leggings made her seem incredibly stylish. Young Princess Gabriella maintained the colour scheme by donning a thick midnight blue fur coat, black leggings, and black flats.

Both Prince Albert and his 8-year-old son, Prince Jacques, wore black peacoats to the ceremony, but the monarch chose to add some colour to his look by accessorising with a red plaid scarf.
Members of the royal family distribute gifts to youngsters as part of this custom, which Princess Grace established back in the 1960s. The day’s celebrations also feature entertainers, snacks, and other things.

The Prince’s Palace was also decked out in holiday decorations, as seen in the photo below, with faux polar bears and penguins to really give the house a wintry vibe (oh, and Santa of course).

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