At Club Q, LGBTQ musicians lament the loss of their community.

The red carpet at the American Music Awards is typically used as a platform for celebrity fashion shows and product advertisements. However, this year’s AMAs were held less than twenty-four hours after a shooting spree at the Colorado Springs gay bar Club Q. Despite the shocking news’s suddenness, queer musicians didn’t waste any time paying respect to the departed and urging audiences to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Variety spoke with LGBTQ+ celebrities on the red carpet on the value of inclusive spaces like gay bars in a series of interviews.

Kim Petras shared personal anecdotes on how she found a sense of community at LGBT clubs. “I’ve always required gay clubs to make me feel like I belong somewhere, to listen to the music I want to listen to, and to be with people who accept me for who I am. As a trans girl, a teenager, and a person who didn’t fit in, she stated, “That was my safe haven. “A gay club is the only place where I feel free and accepted. There is a need for action.
Similar to Melissa Etheridge, she recalls going to Boston’s The Prelude for the first time in 1979. “It was terrifying. However, the second time I entered, I thought, “OK, my people.” She recalls saying, “I’m home.

She continued, “My love goes out to all of my brothers and sisters in Colorado Springs.” “The dread of others is a problem and a cancer that plagues our society. This kind of tragedy was caused by the belief that those who are different should be feared.
Dove Meanwhile, Cameron claimed that she had been taking a break from social media and had only now learned of the awful news. It’s horribly screwed up. It is quite depressing. It’s downbeat, she said. “Even if you’re not gay, if you’re in the public spotlight, you need to step up and say something because the public is easily influenced. There is a lot of anti-queer activity going on right now. We all need to speak up, stand with our gay friends, and do all we can to support our community.
In her victory speech for Best New Artist of the Year, Cameron used this as an example. “In light of the tragedy that occurred at Club Q in Colorado Springs, I want to remind everyone how crucial community and LGBT visibility are.” For what you can do right now, I want to draw your attention to groups like GLAAD and The Trevor Project.

“I want to thank you for supporting me and for holding this space; I’m holding it for you too,” she said. “I want to remind you that you are built absolutely correctly and that you are so loved and so held.”

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