With over 35 tattoos and counting, Noah Cyrus has unique ones with deep meaning.

At least 35 tattoos are on Noah Cyrus.
Though she also has several on her body, her arms are where the majority of her tattoos are located.
Many of her tattoos have significant meanings, just like Miley Cyrus’ sister.
The two sisters, Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus, have a lot in common. The two are quite close with their families, both have a great love of tattoos, and both have a tremendous passion for music. Even though Miley has a sizable collection of body art, which is well known, you might not be aware that Noah also has a sizable collection of her own.

More than 35 tattoos that hold significant value for the singer are dispersed across Cyrus’ arms and body. She has tattoos that relate to her music, her family, and the relationships she’s had throughout the years. She also has tattoos that are symbolic of her family. Since several of Cyrus’ tattoos have matching designs with her friends, family, and ex-boyfriends, it is obvious that she is not afraid of the commitment that comes with getting inked alongside others.

Even while Cyrus frequently adds to her collection of tattoos and occasionally gets more than one at once, it can be difficult to keep track of them all, we made an effort to compile a list of all of her ink along with their significance. For more information, keep reading.

On her collarbone, Cyrus had her very first tattoo—a Roman numeral representing the date February 28, 2006. It stands for the date of her grandfather’s passing.
On her shoulder, Cyrus has a tiny black heart that she got in 2017 that is situated across from the Roman number tattoo. On the opposite shoulder of her mother Tish Cyrus is a heart as well.
The tattoo Cyrus and her older brother Braison have on their arms is identical. The letter B is placed in the centre of a triforce symbol, which stands for harmony and growth. In 2017, she acquired it.

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