David Arquette claims that transgender activist Alexis, who passed away, is an inspiration: I think about her daily.

Regarding his late sister Alexis, David Arquette adds, “She had such a zest for life.”
Despite the fact that his sister Alexis Arquette passed away six years ago, David Arquette still vividly remembers her.

Alexis passed away in 2016 after a cardiac arrest, and David, 51, says of her, “I think of her a lot, especially when I’m listening to 80s music like The Cure or Boy George.” “She was a huge fan of both. She was incredibly imaginative and full of life. Every day I think about her.”

Early friendships between David and his older sister, a character actor who later became a transgender activist, were formed.

“Alexis moved into our closet when she was a teenager, and we shared a room my entire childhood,” he says. It was both physically and figuratively a butterfly change as she emerged from the closet.

The Wedding Singer, which she starred in in 1998, and Bride of Chucky and Pulp Fiction both featured her in supporting roles. Alexis, like David, is a member of a famous performing family that also includes their brother Richmond and sisters Rosanna and Patricia.
She “had this bizarre way of getting along with everyone,” recalls David, both on and off camera. “Runaways, punk rockers, gangsters, and club youngsters. Everyone adored Alexis. The laughter we shared was my favourite thing. Your diaphragm would hurt no matter what you were doing!”

In terms of her career, David claims that “when she neared the end of her life, she only wanted to play feminine or trans roles, and it severely constrained her.” “Though no one was prepared, she made a stance. She was constantly innovative.”
And David claims that his late sister would be appalled by how the LGBTQ+ group is currently treated in society.

The Scream actor, who supports The Alexis Project at The Violence Intervention Program, says, “There is so much hate and it’s so awful.” “It’s crucial to defend our sisters and brothers and preserve the beauty of our diversity. I hope Alexis is aware of our affection and admiration for her. And that we’re still making an effort to preserve her legacy.”

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