Raw Sian is Sexy and Emotive

Raw Sian is Sexy and Emotive: Irish, L.A.-based DJ, producer and label owner Sian got his start in the industry when he would sneak into a club through the backdoor because he was too young to get in.

“I was about 17 when I got my first break at U2’s underground club in Dublin, The Kitchen,” Sian says. “By that point, I was already releasing my own music. I started Octopus 15 years ago, crazy how fast the time has gone by. I was helping out at a legendary recording studio by day and using their gear at night.”

Today, he describes his sound as raw, but sexy and emotive.

“Even as it evolves over the years,” he says. “I’m guilty of hard basslines and loud kicks but it’s all about the vocals usually. I listen to a ton of other music, and apply production techniques from totally different genres, from disco and Italo to ’80s electronic and pop music. I’ve always done that, and it keeps my sound moving through my influences.”

Sian sees this as a very interesting time for electronic music.

“Seeing techno getting into the mainstream is surprising, for example, but at the same time I guess it was always inevitable,” he says. “Most things eventually rotate out of the underground and into mainstream culture. I’m just glad to see people going back out to shows to be honest, that’s great. There is a very healthy underground vibe in L.A., and the EDM scene feeds that — as kids go deeper and mature, their taste in music evolve and they find the alternative, artistic stuff.”

His latest single is “Every Time.”

“’Every Time’ has a slower tempo, I’d say it’s melodic but minimal somehow,” he says. “I want to get away from the recent barrage of up-tempo, super aggressive techno in the scene, and turn attention toward groovier tracks that you can really dance to, not just headbang. I would love to see more people on the groove and the emotion of Techno rather than the raging fast tempos.”

Looking ahead, Sian has a lot planned for the rest of this year.

“I have a 10-date tour coming up, hitting most major cities in the USA, then further abroad. I am really looking forward to the next bunch of releases from myself, the label, and various projects I’m working on, for example my collab with Sacha Robotti as Third Culture is signing to a major dance music powerhouse soon, and I’m collaborating on some new singles with Latroit. There is another solo single called Midnight on the way next too with a Brennen Grey remix.”

Raw Sian is Sexy and Emotive: Sian’s “Every Time” single is out now.

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