TikTok is down once more. Internet Reactions Just Days After Earlier Outage

People have gone to Twitter to vent their frustration.

There is now another global outage affecting TikTok. The app is still accessible through a desktop browser, but many users see a “no internet connection” notice when trying to launch it on their mobile device.

Since roughly 1:25 p.m. ET, TikTok has had issues affecting server connections, the app, and user accounts, according to the independent internet monitoring firm Down Detector.

Users had also complained about the app being down on Tuesday morning for nearly an hour before service was resumed. The U.K. seems to be the major location of the outage.

TikTok hasn’t made any comments on the ongoing outages. Despite the fact that outages may primarily affect one region at a time, it appears that the platform isn’t being screened at the national level.

Users who are unable to use their preferred app are venting on Twitter about the loss of their preferred procrastination tool in the meantime.

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