For Just $11 a Night, You Can Spend the Night in DJ Khaled’s Sneaker Closet.

You must live like the greatest if you want to be the best. And in the realm of sneakers, it entails spending a night in DJ Khaled’s shoes among his collection of the world’s most valuable footwear. And even though there have been footage of the sneaker don’s closet floating around the internet for years, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has just now became available. Yes, according to Airbnb, you can stay the night in DJ Khaled’s sneaker closet for for $11.

Airbnb stated in a news item published on its website that reservations would be open starting on Tuesday, November 29 at 1:00 PM ET, with visitors enjoying more than just a comfortable bed. The accommodation may only be reserved for December 5th and 6th, a two-night period.
DJ Khaled, one of the most influential curators in the music business, has lived in Miami for the past 30 years and has been collecting shoes for nearly as long. His rare Jordan collaborations cost upwards of $10,000 on secondary sneaker markets, making his collection one of the greatest in the world. Now, two fortunate visitors will get the opportunity to live in Khaled’s shoes and spend time in a replica of his sneaker closet while staying the night.

A unique pair of Air Jordan 5s from We The Best
Upon delivery, a handmade greeting card from DJ Khaled
Among hundreds of pairs of sneakers are the keys to the ultimate kingdom of sneakers.
After dipping in the pool, there is an outside lounge where you can relax and take in the Miami atmosphere.
His restaurant, The Licking – Miami Gardens, provided the meal.
a personal shopping trip to Miami’s top shoe shop, 305 Kicks.
Khaled, a music curator, was only recently spotted sitting courtside at a Miami Heat game with his sneakers propped up on a cushion, but it just scratches the surface of how significant sneakers are to him.

Sneaker collecting is an art form, much like making music, he added, and sneakers are a fundamental component of hip-hop culture. “We approach the shoe game with the same zeal and vigour that we approach the studio. Because of this, we’re thrilled to show off our sneaker kingdom to fans and allow them to essentially “walk in our shoes.”

Through the URL below, sneakerheads and music lovers can request to reserve these stays starting on Tuesday, November 29 at 1:00 PM ET. Visitors must arrange their own transportation to and from Miami.

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