After watching Single’s Inferno, Jin-young thought back on his relationship with Seul-ki.

On the Single’s Inferno Season 2 finale, Kim Jin-young did a double fake-out when it came time for decision. The 28-year-old YouTuber approached Lee Nadine after initially stopping by Lim Min-su. Jin-young assured her that he had a fantastic time and pledged to help the Harvard pre-med student “until [her] goals come true.” But he also left her, eventually admitting Shin Seul-ki as his last pick. Although it’s unknown if Jin-young is still single today, it was his relationship status when he departed the island. That’s because Choi Jong-woo and Shin Dong-woo also selected Seul-ki, leaving the 25-year-old music student to make the final decision. She ultimately left holding Jong-hand. woo’s “Jong-woo won both the game and my heart from me. I became lost in everything. Jin-young said, “Seul-ki was the one with whom I had the strongest connection and who impressed me from beginning to end. Jong-woo utterly defeated me.”

He gained a different viewpoint on his romance with Seul-ki, nevertheless, once the filming was finished. “She appeared to be quite happy when she was dating Jong-woo. But she seemed to feel awkward around me. While rewatching episodes in a Season 2 cast reunion video, Jin-young said, “She didn’t look that joyful. “I believed I wasn’t adept at setting the tone. Jong-woo excels at setting the tone, though. She appeared to be joyful.
Nevertheless, he continues to believe that they enjoyed themselves. Jin-young shared a behind-the-scenes description of their swimming pool scene, adding that Seul-ki didn’t feel comfortable getting in the water. She described their trip to Paradise as “really pleasant” and “a bit awkward.” “So I entered first and invited everyone to come whenever they want. You’re not required to enter. During the reunion, he confessed, “I gave her some time. I believed it was too soon to hold Seul-hand. ki’s “I was touched by Seul-courage. ki’s She might have felt ashamed. I was grateful.

Fans watched Jin-young ask Min-su if they could continue their conversation after they left Inferno in the Season 2 finale. He told her, “See you when we leave here.” However, Jin-young hasn’t given many hints on social media, making it unclear whether they actually hung out. Jin-Instagram young’s posts have mainly been on his exercises and YouTube channel since the movie’s production came to an end in the summer of 2022. Jin-young uploaded a thirst trap on Instagram on December 27 that displayed his “baby abs,” which is one indication that he might still be unmarried.

Up until 2020, Jin-young was a member of the UDT, a special forces unit of the Korean Navy. Since then, Jin-young has been working with the kthd studio collective to produce YouTube material as Dex. As he stated in Single’s Inferno, “I do a range of stuff, but since I’m competent in topics like tactics and shooting, I’m going to use my skills and develop military content in the future.”

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